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Frequently Asked Questions

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We welcome any children under the age of 12 to register in our database! Although our current studies mainly focus on infants from 0 to 3 years old, there will be opportunities in the future for you and your child to participate in new studies that fit your criteria.

Currently, we conduct in-person studies as well as online studies. There are opportunities for you and your child to participate in studies both online and  in-person at our lab space on campus! The majority of our studies require only one visit, but a few of the studies require that you visit on more than one occasion. The duration of each visit is usually between 30 to 45 minutes, with some studies lasting up to one and half hours.

At McMaster University, we have a developmental studies database where information is often collected from parents at hospitals, social media sign-up forms, or other events. We have your information because at some point in the past you expressed interest in these studies and signed up. Sometimes it was years before and people forget. If you wish to remove your information for eligibility in the future, please reach out to us. We will respect your decision and are grateful for your time.

Yes, we welcome your child(ren) to participate in any study he/she is eligible for. Our system will notify us of any ongoing studies your child may be eligible for, and an experimenter will contact you to schedule an appointment. We are always thankful for you and your child’s time and involvement in our studies! If you do not wish to participate at the time we call you, you may decline, and we will call you for the next available study. If you wish to be removed from our calling list at any time, please let us know, and you will no longer receive further communication from us.

No. You will be with your baby during the entire study session and throughout your trip into the lab. For studies with older children, you can choose whether to stay in the room or not.

You or your child may choose a small age-appropriate toy or gift card and will receive a personalized Junior Scientist certificate when the study is complete. Free parking is provided on campus, and bus fare will be refunded if applicable.